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(7th Anniversary Sales) Original Xhorse VVDI Key Tool V2.3.9 Transponder Remote Key Programmer English Version In Stock

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XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Remote Key Programmer

VVDI Key Tool Basic Information:
Language: English
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool supports most common remote types in the market; it is reliable and easy to use. VVDI key tool can perform these functions:
edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc. In a word, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is a device with multi-functions. 

XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Function:
Transponder Generation:
Write most common transponder available in the market including 36, 46, 47, 60, 70
Transponder cloning:
Support 46 42 11 12 4D
Frequency & power tester:
Frequency test of 27-900 MHZ
Power test 300-450 MHZ
Remote cloning:
Rolling code & Fixed code
Generate remote:
More than 400 FCC ID types
Generate Garage door remote:
More than 100 types
Unlock OEM remotes:
NXP keyless & Prox Remotes
vvdi key tool function

How to use VVDI Key Tool:
(Here take Generation of MG3 433 Remote Key for example)
1.Open VVDI Key Tool remote maker, select “Remote Generation”
2.Select vehicle country/ region,i.e China
3.Select Vehicle Make:MG
4.Select model: Old MG3 433
5. Connect VVDI key tool with vvdi mini remote programmer, click on generate
6.Select corresponding remote type, wireless or wire remote
7. After select generation remote, vvdi key tool will generate barcode automatically , take a photo of the barcode
8.Use decode device to decode the remote key with the barcode.
The new generated remote is almost the same as original remote with barcode
VVDI Key Tool User Manual

Remote for VVDI Key Tool, if you need, please contact us for price, the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs
Remote for VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool English Version Package :
1* VVDI Key Tool remote maker main unit 
5* Remotes keys
2* Programming cable
1* Remote renew cable
1* USB cable
2* Transponder storage box
1* Key blank storage box

Reviews 7
#1 Mr. tapia
May 15, 2017
it only have English language?
  • Reply #1 Susan May 17, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    Yes, it only have English language

    Kindly regards

#2 Mr. samer
May 15, 2017
do you provide software as well?
  • Reply #1 Susan May 17, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    Yes, the software is pre-installed the key programmer directly to use

    Kindly regards

#3 Mr. Borja
Jun 02, 2017
In all stores the product is sold out, do you have in stock or the term of entry is infinite?
  • Reply #1 Susan Jun 05, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    Thanks for your visiting our website

    It is pre-order one

    Kindly regards

#4 Mr. philip
Aug 01, 2017
how does it update
#5 Mr. Aonghus
Aug 01, 2017
does the vvdi key tool firmware support update as well?
#6 Mr. adalberto
Aug 08, 2017
does it can clone id48 chip?
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