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(DHL Free Shipping)V18.9 SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer Perfectly Replaces CI600 Plus and SuperOBD SKP900

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SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer A Must Tool for All Locksmiths Perfectly Replaces SKP900 Key Programmer

SKP-1000 Key Programmer highlights:
Language: English only, more language is waiting to release.

Latest software version: V18.9

Function: Support key programming and many popular special functions: mileage correction,remote controller, Oil srvice Reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code calculation. Perfectly Replace CI600 Plus and SKP900

Tokens: No tokens need

Pin Code: Support Ford and Nissan pin code calculate

Support Vehicle Protocols: SAE-J1850 PWM, SAE-J1850 VPW, KWP2000, ISO-9141, CANBUS, SINGLE CAN

Manufacturer: Lonsdor (Same manufacturer as Lonsdor K518 and CI600 Plus). Lonsdor is a Brand of Chinese famous CI-Pro Group.

SKP1000 Key Programmer Description:
SKP1000 is Multifunction programmer with 4'inch touch screen, mainly designed for auto Key programming. covers all functions of SuperOBD SKP-900 key programmer. 

SKP 1000 is a convenient device which can perform immobilizer,  EPB+ Oil srvice Reset, and special function
integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant
support almost all cars in the world, such as BMW, Benz, Audi,Volkswagen, Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, and so on. 

SKP1000 Key Programmer Features:
Red color
Handheld with 4" display screen
Not too heavy to hold, very easy to take

SKP1000 Key Programmer Supported Vehicle List:

SKP1000 Car Key Programmer Functions:
Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;
New remote controller programming;
Immo PINCODE reader for many vehicles and no need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles 
Mileage adjustment via OBD;
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
Remote assistance
EEPROM chip read and immobilizer initialization;
EPB(Electric park brake);
Oil/Service reset;
EEPROM/PIC adapter

SKP1000 Key Programmer
SKP1000 Functions
SKP1000 Screen
SKP1000 Tablet Overview
SKP1000 Key tool

SKP1000 Function List:
Choose "Immobilizer", car brands shown as below.
SKP1000 Car list

Mileage adjustment via OBD
Choose "Adjust mileage", car brand shown as below.
SKP1000 Mileage adjustment

New remote system programming
Choose "Remote system", car brand shown as below.
SKP1000 Remote system

Oil/Service reset
Choose "Maintenance",car brand shown as below.
SKP1000 Oil/Service reset

Throttle body adjustment
Choose "ETC", car brand shown as below.
SKP1000 Throttle body adjustment

EPB(Electric park brake)
Choose "EPB", car brand shown as below.
Woks on Changhe, Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, Chery, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai.

Immo PINCODE reading
Immo PINCODE reader for many vehicles and no need pin code when programming keys for many vehicles.

SKP1000 Key Programmer PCB Picture:
skp1000 pcb pictureskp1000 main board

Difference Between SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer and SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer
Product Name SKP1000 Tablet Key Programer SuperOBD SKP900
Main Unit SKP1000 Main Unit SKP1000 Main Unit
Capability Key Programming+Special Functions Key Programming
OBD Mileage Correction Yes No
Remote Controller Yes No
Oil/Service Reset Yes No
ETC Yes No
EPB Yes No
 EEPROM Chip Read Yes No
Pin Code Calculation Yes, support more models than SKP900. Such as Ford and Nissan Yes, Support a little part models
Support BMW Enable/Disable the key Enable/Disable the key
Support Benz Enable/Disable the key Enable/Disable the key
Software Update No Support
Firmware Update No Support
Newest Car Coverage Yes Yes, it always update
with touch pen Yes No
 with haima 7pin adapter Yes No
with power adapter Yes No
with TF card Yes No
with TF card reader Yes No

SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer feedback:
I bought this tool skp1000 is awesome, one of the best tools I have ever bought for my hard earn money, tried first time last week to programme Citroen C8 remote car starts and remote works,
 the best you would really like to know is when you change to English language you can copy all VW ID48 chips and more, this tool will read pin code on most cars and you can change mileage 
on most cars, maybe one day they will update Audi key programming, the best thing about this Chinese tool is that it does what it says on the tin.

Packing List:
1* Main unit
1* touch pen
1* main cable
1* Honda 3pin adapter
1* Kia 20pin adapter
1* Hyundai / Kia 10pin adapter
1* Haima 7pin adapter
1* power adapter
1* TF card
1* TF card reader
1* USB cable
1* CD with user manual

Q: Whether it can support all key lost for Toyota H Chip?
A: It can not do this now

 Q: Is your SKP1000 original or clone tool?
A: SKP1000 tablet key programmer is developed by Lonsdor Tech who manufacturer K518 and CI600 Plus. We are the authorized agent and re-brand the English version to SKP1000.

Q: How to register SKP1000 key programmer?
A: SKP1000 does not need registration.

Q: Do you have full car list of SKP1000 programmer?
A: Sorry, we do not have skp 1000 full list currently.  But you can send car model and year to have our or Lonsdor technician to check if is can be done.

Q: Will SKP1000 key programmer correct odometer for Toyota or Nissan?
A:  Sorry, SKP1000 wil not do Toyota odometer correction. It will do parts of Nissan mileage correction via OBD. SKP-1000 also performs other special functions, i.e Reset ECU/Immo, EPB, oilrvice reset etc

Q: Does SKP1000 key programmer support VAG 4th & 5th immo key programming?
A: Yes, confirmed.

Q: Will SKP1000 read pin code for 2003 dodge caravan from North America?
A: Sorry, it is not able to read pin code for this model.

 Q: Will SKP-1000 key programmer do Toyota Corolla 2014 H chip all keys lost?
A: Sorry it will not do this model lost all key.

Q: For ignition key , SKP1000 maybe easier to clone?
A:  Chinese version does transponder key chip clone menu, the English version is unavailable (under development).

Q: Does SKP1000 support Ford F150 2015 year key programming?
A: SKP1000 is able to program older F150 keys, but not 2015 year.

Q: Can SKP1000 program Toyota landruiser 200 series 2015  when all keys have lost?
A: Sorry, can not do this model all keys lost.

Q: Will SKP1000 change BMW 2010 Series 1,3, x1,x3,x5,x6 and Mercedes 2010 up odometer correction?
A: Mercedes brand does not listed on SKP1000 odometer correction menu. BMW does, but covers some CAS models only.Please send detail model and year to confirm if it will do.

Q: Does SKP1000 come with smart key emulator like K518?
A: Sorry, SKP1000 does not come with smart key emulator.

Q: Anyone tested this device for 4th & 5th immo key programming?
A: No immo 5th mate you can use cheap handy baby does the job!!!

Reviews 29
#1 Mr. Anthony
Jul 24, 2017
is it in stock, ready to ship?
  • Reply #1 Susan Jul 31, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    SKP1000 is pre-order now, if you do not need it urgently, you can buy it now, it is only 435.00EUR, free shipping via DHL

    It will be in stock around August 15th, but the price will rise when it is in stock

    Any problem, please feel free to contact us

    Best and regards

#2 Mr. Marin
Jul 24, 2017
does it complete same function as skp900?
  • Reply #1 Susan Jul 31, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    Yes, SKP1000 can do same functions as skp900

    Kindly regards

#3 Mr. Bigal
Jul 24, 2017
why do you advertise SKP 1000 and then have a CI 600 plus picture.
I'm interested in this programmer.
  • Reply #1 Susan Jul 31, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    Thanks for your remind, I just notice you upload wrong picture and have corrected it now

    You can check it again

    And if you need,  but not urgently, you can buy it now, as the pre-order price is only 435.00EUR, free shipping via DHL

    It will be in stock about August 15th, that time, it will rise

    Kindly regards

#4 Mr. Maitane
Aug 01, 2017
do you have specific skp1000 function list?
  • Reply #1 Susan Aug 23, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    We have no skp1000 specific function list, when you choose function menu, it will display available vehicles

    Kindly regards

#5 Mr. Erwin
Aug 01, 2017
how can i update it future?
  • Reply #1 Susan Aug 23, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    SKP1000 update online lifetime for free

    Kindly regards

#6 Mr. Dimitar
Aug 01, 2017
how many tokens skp1000 come with?
  • Reply #1 Susan Aug 23, 2017
  • Hi friend

    Have a nice day

    SKP1000 do not need tokens at all

    Kindly regards

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